Time for Something New

I decided that the Slice of Life challenge would be too much for my usual teaching blog.  No worries, I could always go back to my other blog.  When I first started blogging it was with the slice of life.  (the red logo…whoa I’m old.)  I poured my heart and soul into that blog.  Then I got an email to shut it down because the name was too close to a travel agency’s name.  : (

So I migrated all the content to a new blog under a new name.  But alas, it just never took off.  Something about it wasn’t quite right.  Tonight as I sat playing with it I couldn’t figure it out.  No theme, no change in font could make it work.  Perhaps I needed something new?

But alas, a new blog means a new title.  Ok…well a disproportionate number of my posts are about coffee or inspired by coffee so there you have it.  Coffee Fueled Musings.  2012 is a time for change, so here I come world.  31 days.



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One thought on “Time for Something New

  1. Love the new look! As always, looking forward to your slices — you’ve been missed!

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