The warm wax spreads underneath my eyebrow.   Rub, rub…pull.  Youch!  I always wonder why some eyebrow waxes hurt more than others.  As I lay on the chair carefully resting my hands on my stomach so as not to disturb my new polish a thought enters my mind.  What if they come out funny?  I’m presenting tomorrow.  What if one of them is larger than the other?  What if they are too arched and give me a surprised expression?  I’ll have to address it I think.  That can be my opener.  I’ll start with that, break the ice.  You can’t ignore an elephant in the room like that.  I spend the rest of my wax planning my jokes about my bad eye brow wax.  “All done,” she says. I carefully grab the mirror, look in (heart pounding) and gasp.  They’re even.  There goes my joke.

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28 thoughts on “Eyebrows

  1. You had me in suspense! Been there done that and those thoughts are so real. Great small moment!

  2. Too funny! I’ve definitely had those fears while on that table trying to remain calm but I’ve never thought of how to turn it into icebreakers. Love how you were looking for the positive before a negative even happened.

  3. First – ouch! Been there, done that!
    Second – good luck tomorrow!

  4. Waxing eyebrows is something I will never experience, so thanks for sharing. Now I know I don’t want to do that. Darn, now you have to come up with a different opening. Have a great day!

    • Well when you’re Italian it’s basically a part of life. I look at pictures of myself as a kid and just cringe!

      • Patty

        From one hairy Italian to another, I can relate. Never worried about uneven brows, but how long it would take the redness from my upper lip wax to go away!

  5. grade4wizard

    I like how you take it with a humor. I can imagine that the eye-brow jokes would have been memorable. Good luck with your presentation.

  6. The anticipation of the pull is nervewracking. Youch is right!

  7. missmoyer

    Love it!
    I had to read after realizing my weekend plans turned on a dime, and I can’t get mine done this weekend!
    Great description.

  8. Too funny!

  9. Katie —
    What a great new space you have here. Love it! Your slice makes me laugh. My daughter gets her eyebrows waxed…she says, “The is so worth it to still have 2 eyebrows.” You’ve gotta love 10 year olds!

  10. No fun having giving you even eyebrows and ruining your joke! 🙂

    I’ve had my eyebrows done once. They looked great, but I’m not hairy enough to go through that pain again!

  11. HAHA…I still think this would make a great icebreaker. It certainly made my heart pound. I have only had my eyebrows waxed once, and it wasn’t such a great result. But this made me want to give it another go.

  12. Love the topic and how you captured it! I waxed my eyebrows once, and ended up bumpy for hours. Last year I tried “threading,” which involves a stylist twisting strings around her fingers and somehow using them to pull out the hairs. Amazing! It hurts way less, there are no bumps, and it’s not a one shot deal. She pulls for a while, asks you how you like it, and then can keep going if they’re not thin enough. I highly recommend.

  13. Oh yes much pain especially when eyebrows look like mine! YOUCH is right. Love that word!

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  14. Hilarious! I am a plucker myself because I live in fear of the blotchy red aftermath of waxing.

  15. Ha! Oh, this brought to mind many a trial and error with my own brows. I especially liked the stream of consciousness feel and the imagery (too arched and give me a surprised expression) Thank you for a good laugh this evening. What color polish did you go with? I’m thinking red.

  16. I like new blog space too. What is it Katie? And yes I have my brows and legs waxed as part of my day of beauty along with a nails and toes manicured by the same pal who cleans my house and has done a bit of room painting during my renovations. It’s good to have multi masters don’t you think?

    • The theme? I think it’s the travel journal theme. I customize the header with a photograph that I took at the coffee place. I loved the way the woods worked together. Very solid and earthy.

  17. Nice post! Makes me wish I could get by brows done…they need it!

  18. You made me laugh out loud! And I did love the way you braced for the worst and then – the worst didn’t happen. I also love the new look!

  19. I totally know what you mean! Love the thoughts that went on so quickly in your head as you were waiting…

  20. I’ve been trying to find you & here you are! I like your new look, too! I’ve never had the waxing, but I’m not sure I would succumb if I knew it was a big day the next day. You are brave! Glad it all ‘came’ out-bad pun. Fun story. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what might go wrong. Don’t know why I thought it would be negative. Thanks, Katie.

    • Yes Adventure Life Travel had to die. Apparently there is an Adventure Life Travel -travel company, who knew? Anyway not worth the argument. I migrated all of my old work to a new blog called Flaming Lens, but it just wasn’t sitting right with me and I didn’t want to clog up my teaching blog with posts every day. I guess really I just wanted some new empty space to write in, like a fresh notebook.

  21. Paul

    As a man, I just want to leave a comment here to say…yikes! Sounds painful! 🙂 Great slice — truly a small window into a moment I’ve never experienced!

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