The Voice of Winter

I sit snuggled on the couch watching the weather outside.  The dog is curled up next to me on the couch.  As I watch the cold rain pelt the outside of the window I witness a miraculous change.  Drop by drop the rain is transforming into fat fluffy snowflakes.  It seems like winter wants to stick around or at least make a good showing before it’s too late.  Suddenly this conversation floats into my head and just as quickly as those glistening snowflakes began to fall my slice emerges from my fingertips.

Spring was shoved out of the way as Winter said, “Wait!  I’m not done yet!  Did I look like I was finished?  Because I wasn’t.  Hello!”

I picture winter as a somewhat rude valley girl type, but maybe older, more gray hair at least.

“I mean seriously people.  You do not know what it is like being me.  I deserve a fair shot. I get my months just like everyone else.”

She puts her hands on her hips and flips her long grey and white ponytail.


She scrunches up her nose.

“Oh spring….” she mimics.  “Every one loves Spring.  I’m Spring and I’m so great,” She continues in a smarmy voice.

She flings her hands in the air.  Little beads of ice start to form on her forehead.

“Summer, summer you’re so fabulous.  Autumn, you’re so wonderful with your colorful leaves and spiced apple cider.”

Her voice is slowly rising and frosty sparks are beginning to shoot out of her mouth.

“Listen up, I will Blizzard….Blizzard you hear me!”

She’s becoming quite shrill.  A crazed look in her eyes, flared nostrils.  A bit unhinged really.


I watch the delicate flakes blow back and forth mixing with the rain and decide to check the weather.  It’s supposed to be in the high 40’s tomorrow.  Sorry Winter. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

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11 thoughts on “The Voice of Winter

  1. Yeah, I’m thinking winter’s voice is not going to win out… or at least I hope not! Fun post. “Blizzard Beotches” is my favorite line!

  2. Fantastic personification. Made me smile. I love how you take the descriptive scenery and turned it into a voice of personality. I’m marking this one in my notebook.
    So glad to have met you at NCTE. The time was too short, but thankful for SOL to reconnect. 🙂

  3. sometimes Spring is not so nice around here either- great story to share with the kiddos at school…

  4. Fun! I do wish Spring would hurry up, though…

  5. What a clever twist just by watching the snowflakes out your window. I love it! Their voices are so distinct.

  6. Hi Katie-today was about 60, but March is not so kind in Colorado; winter will fling her sarcastic ponytail to us again soon, I’m sure. Fickle & sarcastic. Love how this just popped into your head. Isn’t it amazing how our continual search and observation for future writing opens another part of the brain, just as you described: “just as quickly as those glistening snowflakes began to fall my slice emerges from my fingertips.” Nice!

  7. WOW!! The distinct voice of winter is great. I could picture her in my mind so well. Definitely a story to share with my students.

  8. Vivid and fun.

  9. I love this! Of course, it took me until the next day to respond to your post…

    I’m thinking I could use a visit from your little Winter Wench. A snow day sounds maaahvelous.

  10. Hilarious! You developed your character so well. I really noticed my image evolving through your piece. Very fun!

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