Catching Up With Old Slices

I’ve been doing the Slice of Life challenge and slicing in some manner for the last five years.  Although there have been skipped Tuesdays and a skipped year during National Boards I have sliced a LOT!  Today I’m going back in time to finish and reflect on some of those stories.  Sort of a “where are they now.”  Read one, read a few, what ever suits. : )  Enjoy!

Left Behind: Well the Cabbage Patch Kid disappeared a few weeks later.  I hope someone found it and gave it a a good home.  I still have my new teaching partner and she’s fantastic!  Her room is also fantastic and boy did we throw out a lot of junk.

An Open Letter to the Two Drink Machines in the Teachers Lounge: Well, they aren’t as bad as they used to be.  However, I rarely eat down there any more because for some reason that room is always 900 degrees and someone has been stealing lunches.  I don’t drink Diet Coke anymore, so I’ve settled for luke warm cans of LaCroix from a box stashed under my desk.

The Upstairs Neighbors: They are gone.  He moved out.  She was foreclosed on.  Now the unit sits waiting for someone to make it a happy home again.  I’m thankful that she is free of such a negative relationship but I worry about her.  I hope that she can get some help and have a positive life ahead of her.

The Tire: Oh the tire?  Does anyone here remember the tire?  I haven’t seen it since.  I hope it’s had quite an adventure.  In fact I think that would make a great children’s book.  The lot is still empty but they have rejuvenated plans to build row houses there.  Good thing the tire moved on. : )

Bandage: Plato has grown a nice little bushy tail.  He is chipper and happy as usual.  After the surgery he developed a back leg tremor that just won’t go away.  A few months ago he somehow injured that weak leg playing at the park and that also just won’t go away.  His spirit is strong and loving and I cherish every day that I have him in my life.  He is still stealing food off the table when he thinks you aren’t looking and acts like a puppy when you bring him a new toy.  I notice my slices from last year were short, terse, to the point.  Perhaps my heart just wasn’t in it after my doggie lost his tail. : (

The First Book: This was a slice/memoir about my first crime.  I laughed out loud when I read it.  It still remains my first crime and it one of my favorite memoirs that I’ve written.

A Wheel of Cheese:  I can not even go there.  Can not.  Still makes me angry.

Out of Olive Oil: Another story about becoming part of a Greek Family.  We have so much back stock of olive oil now that we’ll never run out.  There is a store down the street that sells a suitable feta.  All is well in the world.

Hiking the Gorge:  My very first post on my old blog.  Wow.  A suiting one.  I yearn to go back to Crete and explore more of its beauty, but I will not be hiking the gorge again.  I’m more of a spa girl than a outdoorsy one.

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4 thoughts on “Catching Up With Old Slices

  1. These posts were interesting to go back and read. It gave me such insight into you. And my favorite thing to do when I find a new blog to read is to go into the archives and read older posts. Having this post just gave me a place to start!

  2. Thanks for the follow-up on some of these stories. Some I had read, but others were new. I worried about your dog right alongside of you last year. What a history you have created for yourself over the years. Very cool!

  3. How fun! These are all new to me as I’m new to the slice challenge. Thank you for posting them. I’m going to enjoy the read!

  4. Great share 🙂 I enjoyed reading these as a SOL challenge newbie!

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