Seven Slices (on the 7th)

Only decaf? That does not bode well.

Warm sun streams through streaked windows. Spring.

He laughs out loud during reading time.

I don’t mind muddy paws so much.

I found pictures from Saturday night. uh-oh.

A million ideas churn in my mind.

The smile of a friend warms hearts.

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14 thoughts on “Seven Slices (on the 7th)

  1. Love this idea of capturing a small slice – all future stories to tell! You have said enough to tell a story and I read between the lines, but still have me wondering, like about the pictures from Sat. night . . . Just perfect!

  2. really cool poetry…I hope you won’t mind if I steal your idea…how fun would it be to just go in a classroom and eavesdrop for the short slices…

    my favorite- Only decaf? That does not bode well… and that is because I totally agree 🙂

  3. Seven slices with seven words, you are so clever! A million ideas churn in my mind. That’s me, but then when I have time to write (I don’t have enough of that), they are gone.

  4. Perfect Katie. Good thing I didn’t stop at the decaf slice 🙂

  5. what an awesome way to summarize what you have in mind!! that´s clever.
    i love the last one, cause when you see that someone is happy, your day changes completely !!

  6. You capture slices in a creative way.

    (I continued the trend with my 7-word comment. Parenthetical asides don’t count!)

  7. I love it!

  8. Oh I love this…and that it begins with a lament on decaf…who drinks THAT?!

  9. SueB

    Very clever! I guess it doesn’t take a lot of words to capture so much!

  10. You are an artist painting beautiful mural pages.

  11. Love how slices can be sentences, and still capture so much.

  12. Julie Crocker

    Amazing all the myriad of ways poetry can be found or created. Beautiful.

  13. Was the 7 word sentence structure intentional too? I am amazed at how much story you pack into so few words! I need to study this sort of brevity!

  14. Absolutely

    Seven one word responses to your seven slices. See how you inspire!

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