My Old Friend “B”

There is an old student of mine who is in 7th grade now and who is a character.  “B” was always doing things his own way.

B, who never picked up a book if he could help it.

B, who shoveled his way to school one day when it snowed and then locked the shovel to the bike rack.

B, who when asked why he had typed a document in all capital letters told me the computer didn’t have any lowercase ones.  (look at your keyboard, he’s got a point.)

B, who when he was supposed to be home sick I spotted riding his bike back and forth in front of the school all hunched down as if on a spy mission.

B, who I have written several slices about over the years.

My friend B.

A few weeks ago I saw B outside of school getting his bike from the bike rack.  He looked to be in a good mood and I greeted him as I usually do.

“Hi B!  How’s it going?”

“Good Mrs. M.  How are you?”

“I’m great B! Listen, can you do me a favor this weekend?”  I said as I eyed his increasingly dirty sweatshirt.  “You might want to wash your sweatshirt because you have a few coffee and donut stains on the front.” I said with a big smile.  Everyone knows I always end up with a coffee stain on my shirt too.

B looked at me stunned.  “H- How did you know they were coffee and donut stains?”

“I know you B.”

His eyes opened wider.  “How do you know me?”  It was an odd question.  He seemed truly stunned and I couldn’t tell if he was teasing me or not.

“Well, B we spent a whole year together in fifth grade.”

A light of remembrance shone on his face. “Oh yeah, you were my teacher.”  I nodded, a smile playing at my lips.  “I think you were my favorite,” he said.

“Thanks B!  Have a good day,” I replied.  You were one of my favorites too.

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12 thoughts on “My Old Friend “B”

  1. I remember the slice about the shovel and bike rack! He was lucky to have had you in fifth grade…which he obviously realizes. What a lovely slice, Katie!

    • He literally made my day. I just love that even when he says “you’re my favorite” he says “I THINK you were my favorite.” hilarious.

  2. Ahh…. I love hearing from old students. One of my favorites – G – even invited me to her Bat Mitzpha (spelling?) I think hearing from them makes me realize just how much of a difference I make in their lives. Hmm… time to dig out some old email addresses!

  3. I remember the shovel story too. Isn’t it funny how kids think. His stunned look tells me he figures out of sight out of mind. It’s fun to see our “old” kids. Thanks for bringing him back.

  4. I absolutely loved the list of “B, who…” That really captured insights into his personality!

  5. I loved the list of “B” traits. I wonder if I should create a list of traits for some of my students.

  6. margaretsmn

    You obviously teach with your heart, and your students know this and carry it with them forever.

  7. Leslie

    Truly a sweet moment that put a smile on face. Thanks for sharing.

  8. “I nodded, a smile playing at my lips.” I could imagine this so vividly. You, thinking about what he had just said, as though it was so distant for him, playing it cool.

  9. grade4wizard

    When people speak about their favorite teachers they often think of high school. It’s good to know that primary and middle school students are remembered too, even if vaguely and with “I think” involved.

  10. “I know you.” You so gracefully and subtly make the important point of how fundamentally this is a basic human need – to be know. It implies to be understood and accepted and loved. How great that you create that kind of learning community for your students. It seems like “B” would especially need that!

  11. I love seeing my old students! I taught for so many years, there are a lot of people for me to be running into!

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