Blowing Coat


Hair Glistens


Flies out into the sunlight in a puff.


Clings to my fingers.


Blows gently in the wind.


Searches for freedom, a quick death.


Leaves a white blanket dancing its last dance on the grass.


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15 thoughts on “Blowing Coat

  1. Lynn

    So so clever!!! I totally connected with “searches for freedom a quick death” because since trying to grow my hair out from a very short style I have a “hair war” each day..a fight to the “death” 🙂

  2. This is, inactuiality, a beautifully composed poem. I love the sense of mystery here until the who of this becomes obvious. And that last shot – what is it about a dog’s snout and almost smile that melts the heart?! Precious!

  3. A great combination of pictures and writing.

  4. I am not sure which is more amazing, the poetry in words or in pictures. That is one gorgeous dog!

  5. margaretsmn

    Such a creative post! Love the idea of looking closely and so poetically. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. That is a great challenge Katie. Im wondering about taking it up but not this week. Dead Line: Thursday night!

  7. What a great idea. My favorite picture: the last one. It made me smile!

  8. Fabulous idea. Those pictures are awesome!

  9. Talk about having a writer’s eye. Love that combination of images and words. Lovely!

  10. What a great idea and pictures. I may try one.

  11. Love it! Great share 🙂 Hope you have a great week.

  12. Paul

    Very cool, unique structure! Is it a poem? Is it a photo essay? Is it a photo-poem? Whatever it is, it’s funky and awesome! Poetic in multiple ways.

    I’d love to share this with kids and maybe even model an assignment after it. Is that okay with you?

  13. Love it! Great photos, great writing thread.

  14. I made so many connections to your post. My lab sheds twice a year at which time billowy fluffs of his fur float around the yard, house, everywhere! I especially loved the line “Leaves a white blanket dancing its last dance on the grass.” Awesome!

  15. What a neat idea. What effect did you use to frame the images. The black and white really pops-great hair shots! Since you wrote hair, at first I thought you were taking a variety of people’s hair-some young some old. It wasn’t until the grass blanket and the nose that I was fully convinced it was a dog. Fun.

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