He Waits

His expectation burns me

seeps into                                                  Is she up?

my mind                                                    Is she up?


drags me                                                    She’s getting up.

from bed

The moment he hears

the springs creak                                     Here she comes.

bare foot on cold wood floor                 Here she comes.

he leaps

stands at attention                                   Is she coming?

I turn the corner


he will be there

bright eyes                                                She’s here!

boring a hole                                            She’s walking towards me.

into my mind                                           Finally!





“feed me.”                                                 Feed me.


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17 thoughts on “He Waits

  1. miss my poochie still every morning especially…I love your writing xo nanc

  2. This made me laugh! I have two sets of eyes waiting for me every morning!

  3. Love the two column format, the voices are so strong. The expectations are so high in the morning, so you don’t want to disappoint. Of course you don’t.

  4. Love this!!! The spare focus was so well done – both voices were really concentrated, both were entirely in the moment. And that ending!

  5. I love the inclusion of the inner thinking here. It creates a mood and slows down the poem.
    Very well done.

  6. Delightful.
    Interesting format.
    Was the cat reading your mind or the other way around?

  7. Julie Crocker

    This reminds me of Paul Fleischmann’s Poetry for Two Voices. This would be great as a Reader’s Theater script. I really enjoyed this.

  8. Love your double voice poem 🙂 I have used this kind of poem for a multi genre research project, and they’re fun to write! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Michelle

    Love the two parts of the poem of your actions and your dogs thinking. What fun – and I agree, this would be a great reader’s theatre script.

  10. This poem took my back to the years when my kids would wait in their cribs. My oldest, would just pull herself up and talk loudly until we came to rescue here. My middle, would lay in his crib and amuse himself until his big sister arrived for extra entertainment. My youngest, found that a good loud scream would get everyone to come running for immediate attention. The way you combine the two voices demonstrates an interconnectedness between the two. Powerful.


  11. I loved the two voices. I thought it was a dog, others thought a cat. Who’s right? This is one I’d love to share with my students. May I?

  12. For a moment, I saw a man in the second point of view. Then, I realized…

    Love your two voices together. I might have to try this arrangement.

    • Ha! Well my husband is the primary chef in our house so the poem might go the other way around if it were about him. : )

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