What Were You Thinking?

Excuse me, I saw your pole.  The one in the alley halfway between Wolcott and Winchester.  Pretty cool.  I was wondering…

Where did you get the photos?  Did you find them on a lost camera?  Or maybe they are yours?  Perhaps they were in a box abandoned in the trash?  Have you been collecting them for years? In a drawer, lost to time?

What did you put them up with?  I assume a stapler?  But do you carry one with you always for a just this purpose?  Or did you run home to get it?  Did you use a staple gun?  If so I don’t think that this was random, you must have planned it, right?

Do you do this often?  Is this your “thing,” decorating alley poles?  Can you find them all around the city?  Was this your first?  Or was this just a random moment?

What were you thinking?

Do you have a message?  Am I supposed to get some higher meaning from this?  What are you trying to say?  Is this just a random way to pass the time?  Are you watching from somewhere to see who stops to look at your art? 

What were you thinking?

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14 thoughts on “What Were You Thinking?

  1. Oh Katie…I would have asked the same questions. This is so random, but I love it. There’s a story here somewhere!

  2. a totem in the city

  3. A great lesson here on asking questions. So glad you didn’t “pass by” without noticing. How often to we do that and miss so much?

  4. And why did they choose that pole?

  5. So glad you passed by to catch this. How odd, very odd!

  6. I’m not sure what the higher meaning is either.

    LOVE what you did with the photo. Instagram?

  7. I love your thought process about the pole. I also love the fact that you stopped, observed, and thought so deeply about it. I wonder how many people pass it frequently and hardly even look at it?

  8. Very cool….I love happening upon things like this and pausing to ruminate. Someone certainly was intent on this collection – what a varied collection.

  9. I’m wondering…this maybe could be like a thing like the ‘cows’ all around the city. Other people could start doing it to. Thanks for the picture. I love that you posed questions. xo love nanc

  10. I would really like to do this myself and leave a mystery for someone else to discover. Does that make me strange? No matter…

  11. What a cool idea! When we pass by something unusual, we often don’t stop to really notice it. Your photo is great and I love that it triggerd questions for you. This would be a fun writing activity to try with my students. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Interesting.
    Nice repeat on
    What were you thinking?

  13. Your photography is incredible. And don’t even get me started on the prose poem to accompany it. I especially love the stanza about the stapler and it maybe not being so random.

    Are you going to add a photo of your own next time you happen by with a stapler on you?

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