Shades of Summer

Shades of summer creep in through the slightly cracked windows.  The students try to remain calm, but the heat and sun awakes some primal urge deep within them to laugh, play, talk, and dance.  Soft breezes creep in, ensnaring the mind.  We all begin to yearn for long days at the beach, ice cold lemonade, and slight pink sunburn.  My mind drifts from math to an afternoon watching the Cubs from the bleachers.  Hot dog in one hand, beer in the other.  Mother Nature’s cruel torment is not a blizzard but a summer like day in the middle of March.  Where spring break seems like an eternity away and summer will never come.

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5 thoughts on “Shades of Summer

  1. Wow Katie. You described what I’ve been feeling. I particularly like the line, “Mother Nature’s cruel torment is not a blizzard but a summer like day in the middle of March.” How true that is. Warmth and tulip bulbs seem so unnatural for this time of the month.

  2. We had one day like that…totally threw us all.

  3. So well-put. Those last two sentences are especially perfect.

  4. margaretsmn

    It’s a prose poem. We are probably starting summer here in South Louisiana. Time to pull out the sandals and short sleeves. I think I’ll paint my toenails this weekend.

  5. Such a contrast to our week in the Northwest! We’ve had rain, lots of it (more than usual) and much of it blowing sideways. We’ve had snow, gorgeous flakes that didn’t stick during the school day! Enough to get everyone off task (me too)! No shades of summer for us this week, just wisps of winter refusing to retreat!

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