I got the letter in the mail yesterday.  The annual survey for my husbands health insurance discount.  Better to do it right away I thought.  I clicked through the list of questions: Exercise? try to.  Cigarettes? no.  Alcohol?  um, of course.

On the last page they had my height, weight, and waist measurement.

Now, I remember last year resolving to lose a few pounds.  Didn’t happen.  I measured my waist.

“That can’t be right,” I thought to myself.  I squeezed the tape measure a little tighter.  I exhaled all my air out.  Shit.

Despite little change in my actual weight my waist measurement was an inch and half larger.




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12 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. You captured this moment with your inner thoughts just as most of us experience times like this.

    Btw: I’ve been known to not only remove my shoes, but also my jewelry and as many other outer layers as possible when being weighed at the doctor’s office.

  2. The inner and outer stories work together to make this an emotionally-punched slice.

  3. I hear you…but, I think it might be a defective tape measure. I need to hunt around for one that “really works”.

  4. LAUGH! Wow, some days we really just connect with others.

    I’ve been “trying” for a few months to lose weight. You know… cut back a bit… exercise a bit… nada.

    Today was the day I decided to whip out that iPhone app and actually track my intake. I’m currently about to gnaw off my own arm in a fit of frustrated hunger. *sighs*

    My motivation? I don’t want to shop for new clothes. Seriously.

  5. Oh your honesty is so refreshing and voice is so real! Love it! Sorry I know it’s not polite to laugh, but I can’t help myself.

  6. Oh I know what you mean. I’ve been trying to make myself head out to the gym, but it just isn’t happening. Most of our school is currently working out so you’d think it would start to inspire me. It just isn’t happening. I just stay away from the scale. You got to the point quickly and with voice. Enjoyable slice!

  7. Lynn

    Oh Katie, I so feel your pain…it’s been unseasonably warm here for March, so I went and tried my capris on from last year…OMG is all I can say! I love summer but thought I need more time…please get cold again! But I will splurge and have wine tomorrow!

  8. Love your honesty too. Some how we miss the extra pound here and there. And why is it so much easier to add those pounds on? I guess it’s time for all of us to get moving again!

  9. You just became exponentially more likeable (if that’s possible) with this post. Maybe it was the delicious surprise of your one word sentence, or perhaps I feel a kinship of sorts! Hilarious! I have never seen a form like that, but it reminds me of the last time I was measured–for a bridesmaid dress. The woman who took the measurements snidely remarked that I have a size 2 bust, but size 10 hips. Shit.

  10. My favorite is your explative! I so get that feeling. I don’t even want to touch a tape measure. I just got to get my but on that treadmill!!!!

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