St. Patty’s Day Slice

Well, I had a great slice drafted, but there’s no time to give it the revision it deserves so a short one for now.


Getting ready

Saturday night in the city

Starlight eclipsed by city light

So much depends upon

the weather

curly or straight?

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3 thoughts on “St. Patty’s Day Slice

  1. Hah, love it! You’re dilemma (the hair), “starlight eclipsed by city light,” you know that was a good line! Nice poem, have a fun night too!

  2. OK, you made me laugh. I have naturally curly hair — ok, I have naturally crazy hair. I decide whether I will wear it curly or straight by the weather. If it is raining I don’t stand a chance to keep it straight. I’m glad I’m not the only one that wrestles with this decision. Enjoy Saturday night in the city.

  3. A nod to William Carlos Williams! Enjoy your night, curly or straight!

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