A slice in sounds

The fan beats rhythmically.

The dog laps water then clicks his way down the hall, flops on the floor with a grunt, licks his lips.

The El train beeps and rushes, if I close my eyes I can almost convince myself it’s the ocean.

Somewhere outside a man whistles “do the hustle.”

The curtain rubs softly against the wall.

Dishes clink in an unknown kitchen.

Gunfire from the video game my husband is playing.

The soft tapping of the keyboard.

The sound of my own breath as I settle in for the night.

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6 thoughts on “A slice in sounds

  1. Love your sounds…
    some foreign to me, some I could hear right here in Hiram, GA.
    makes me wonder the origin of the sounds…El train–Chicago?

    The man whistling “Do the Hustle” cracks me up.

  2. You have really created a movie in my mind. I feel like I’m there. I’m thinking Chicago too. Very Nice 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great share! Chicago and warm weather is the best combination B)

  4. The sounds become so common that one doesn’t notice them. I could hear each one. This will make me more aware of sounds around me.

  5. This has a ‘Goodnight Moon’ feel to it. Very calming. Can you believe it is still officially WINTER??

  6. What a great idea – to just take in the sounds for a few moments. “Do the hustle” – you had to be smiling when you heard that one coming through the window.

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