Music and Memories

I cleaned out my car as I often do on the first truly nice Sunday of the new year.  Wedged under the seat was a CD case, Paul Simon’s Graceland.  Yes, love this CD.  Perfect alternative to the boring old radio.  So this morning I pulled it out and I found a little surprise.  A silver blank CD underneath.  Hmmmmmm I wonder what’s on here? Of course curiosity won out and I popped it in.

A quick listen to the first few songs and I realized that this was a good all purpose mellow summer CD.  A little Bob Marley, Some Fleetwood Mac.  You know the style.  I jammed a bit on the way to work and then forgot about it.

It was a good teaching day.  I left school feeling well accomplished.

As I turned on the car the last song I was listening to was wrapping up.  Ah my mystery CD.  I wonder what else is on here. 

Gracie Slick and Jefferson Airplane

Some mellow song, I didn’t remember the band.

I continued my drive on autopilot as I often do.  A moment of silence.  Then, OH MY GOD! I love this song I forgot about this song I love this song.

I was up and dancing.  Well as up and dancing as you can be while driving in the car.  It was like a ray of sunlight burst through my heart.  Fist pumping, loud singing, car swaying.  I was 22 again and on summer vacation.  I was a wave crashing on the beach.  I was a comet in the sky.

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5 thoughts on “Music and Memories

  1. It is a song to get one moving. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before. Does that show my age? What fun finding a mystery CD and then all the connections you had to each song. Wonder, did you make it or your husband?

  2. Lynn

    Great slice, listening to that song agin got me hopping as I sit at my desk…ok suppose be doing some work but heck took a “fist pumping”, “head rocking” 2 minute break. Thanks! Great way to start my day!

  3. I love those “surprise cds” – they are slices of who we are at particular periods of our lives, I think. So much fun to turn back the clock and listed to the Greatful Dead and Joni Mitchell.

  4. Loved your last paragraph. I could picture you up dancing as you passed cars on the road. “Fist pumping, loud singing, car swaying.” What a picture! I’m just glad I’m not the only one that does this. I always wonder what people passing me by must think. Fun post!


  5. Paul

    Your last paragraph wonderfully describes what happens when we interact with music — in an outward, physical way, but most often in the mind. Loved it! 🙂

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