Feeling Lucky Again

I wrote a slice about feeling lucky for the great school culture and PD that I’ve had in my career. I agree in many ways we do make our own luck. Today I am feeling lucky again to work with such an amazing staff of teachers. Back in the fall Steve Zemelman and Harvey Daniels came to our school to take footage for a DVD that will accompany their new edition of Best Practice. Yesterday the trailer for the DVD came out. I was so proud to see my fabulous teaching partner on there along with other teachers from our school and some amazing looking teachers from Chicago. Let me tell you, Chicago needs this. We need it bad. There’s even one still shot of me pointing my finger at some life changing image, no doubt, my mouth open and poised to say something brilliant, I’m sure, and my hair frizzed out with the sheer electricity of my instructional genius. At least I picked a dress that hid my gut. But honestly I can’t wait ’till it comes out. If only so I can learn even more! Here’s the trailer if you’re interested.

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5 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky Again

  1. Congratulations! I hope I will get the opportunity to see the entire production. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Okay…so yeah, I’m so jealous. I would love to come and visit your school. Thank you for sharing with the world. xo nanc PS It is one of the books that definitely changed my world !

  3. Ummm….any openings up there where you are? I’d be willing to brave those fierce Chicago winds for a chance to work in places like this.

  4. I saw you!! How cool is it to be part of the examples of what TO DO. You can use this video to ward off any future negativity, like a shield made of who you really are. I am so excited that you are putting your goodness out into the world. You make me proud to be part of the group of people called educators at a time when we have so many many reasons to hang our heads and hide.

  5. Michelle

    This looks awesome! Can’t wait to check it out and congrats to you (yeah, I caught the quick glimpse of you saying something profound!) and all the teachers in Chicago! I can’t wait to learn more!

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