Midnight Misery

The smoke detector beeps.  My body surges with panic.  It’s only the single warning beep but still it’s enough to wake me from fitful sleep.  My husband is looking at it.  “Is it the battery again?” I ask.

About a year ago the battery went south in the middle of the night.  We both awoke to the dog wedging himself between us, a shivering mess.  Ever since then the smoke detector and any loud whistle noise send him into a panic.

“The power just went back on.”  Oh, I thought.  Funny how the power goes out and so easily escapes notice but has to announce itself like a child returning from school.

“Is the dog okay?”  Kons goes to check.


I lay for awhile feeling the pressure in my chest.  Cursing the empty package of Musinex.  Finally I decide to get up and make a Theraflu Tea. I brush my foot across the dog as I pass checking to see that he’s calmed down.  Poor guy.

I muddle around with the microwave, finally get my tea and decide to check in on slices.

Nothing like a middle of the night wake up call and a chest cold. boo.

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19 thoughts on “Midnight Misery

  1. wkb57

    Hope you feel better and maybe catch a nap today! Waking up abruptly from an deep sleep is not fun and especially if you are not feeling well.

  2. That is a horrible feeling. The line, “Funny how the power goes out and so easily escapes notice but has to announce itself like a child returning from school” captures it so well!

  3. Hope you get well soon. You did a great job of making me feel I was right there with you.

  4. learninglines, learningontheedge

    There is nothing more annoying than waking up in the middle of the night for a useless issue. The beep on the smoke alarm is one of the most grating sounds. The one that tops that though, is my cocker spaniel thumping on the carpet outside my door at 4:00 in the morning as she scratches her ears.

  5. Sleep a lot, drink soothing tea, and feel better soon.

  6. Lynn

    This happened to me but with the carbon monoxide detector. I was crazy until my husband reminded me the beep was for battery change not poison air! Anytime we get woken up suddenly it’s not fun. So sorry about the cold…feel better soon!

  7. “My body surges with panic.” You had me right there…glad to hear that it wasn’t a real fire and only the pesky power. Take care of yourself today.

  8. I feel that misery in the night with you! I hope the Theraflu did its job and you went back to sleep.

  9. We have been having similar experiences! Middle-of-the-night tea is never a good thing. I can feel your frustration – hoping your rest becomes more peaceful and your cold takes a hike!

  10. What a bummer! That beep in the night is bad enough without a cold to top it off.

  11. Sorry you have a cold, they seem to make the rounds again in the spring. I loved this line – “I muddle around with the microwave, finally get my tea and decide to check in on slices.” I would venture to say that many of us have checked out some slices this month during the middle of the night!

  12. Katy Clark-Pettit

    Oh stinky all the way around! Feel better!!!

  13. I also liked your line about the power going out unnoticed but then announces itself coming back! I hope that you are feeling better soon and that you get a good night’s rest. If you are going to be up in the middle of the night though, reading through slices is at least an enjoyable way to spend the time.

  14. I have a long standing feud with our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. I feel your pain! Even down to the shivering dog. However a cold on top of all of that is a new layer of misery. Feel better soon!

  15. margaretsmn

    Your wake up call is our reading pleasure. A smile of recognition and co-misery go out to you.

  16. Oh, we just had this happen too, but every one went off several times. I hate that adrenaline rush as you come out of a sound sleep. And to be feeling sick, too–what a mess. I hope you feel better and have a restful (and uneventful!) night tonight!

  17. Oh to be woken in the middle of the night by the smoke detector! Not fun. I thought your use of dialogue really helped to make me feel like I was right there watching (and listening to) the whole thing. I hope you feel better soon!

  18. aruddteacher100

    OH man! I hate those crazy devices that wake us with such a start! We had a similar problem with one of our C.O. detectors. The detector was beeping so much that my husband called the heating company to come out and check our furnace for CO. It turns out the readings were normal by the company and it was determined that the back-up battery had gone bad in the CO detector.
    PS Hope you feel better!

  19. Yikes, not a good night…I hope you are on spring break this week ! That poor shivering doggie too !

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