As I stepped out onto Chicago Ave. today the brisk wind took my breath away.  I stopped for a moment to zip my coat up over my giant belly and choked back a sob.  I’ve experienced many emotions in these last few months but this was more of a sob of excitement than sadness.  You see, the empty chair where the dog used to sit has been replaced with a new chair where I will rock my baby.  In a week, maybe more, maybe less, I will go from being just me, to being a mom and my whole life will change forever.

I am thrilled to meet this little person who has been kicking my ribs and hiccuping in my belly.  I am anxious for my husband to hold her so that he can begin to form the bond that I have already started.  I’m anxious about sleepless nights, high fevers, and the unknown.  I’m secretly pleased that I’m having a little girl and quietly building a wardrobe of flowery headbands that she will probably attempt to rip off of her head.

I am in the true calm before the storm.  The clothes are washed, the diapers put away, the room is “just so.”  Now all that’s left is to prepare my heart to accept the greatest love I will ever know.

And just for fun here’s a little sneak peak at the nursery.

406597_10151306773304476_1292581784_n 557541_10151317628354476_1509373223_n

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7 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I would like to move in to this nursery!
    You are off on a great adventure. How nice that you are taking us along for the ride!

  2. Look at all those books waiting to be read. It looks like the child of a teacher for sure. We’ll be waiting to meet her!

  3. Are the books ones you’ve loved or gifts? Have fun reading them all!

  4. I am excited with you—there is no way to prepare for Mommy daughter love. It is the most amazing heart warming feeling I have ever known. I am softened, snuggled, and adored. I hope your girl becomes your forever snuggle buggle…

  5. Oh yes Katie, your life will change forever! What a life it will be with this little girl. Love the nursery, especially the books. Glad you wrote today.

  6. Lucky Momma and lucky girl. The nursery looks gorgeous–great books and fabulous art. Thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery and wonderful welcome to the world for your baby girl.

  7. Oh, it is worth every anxious thought. It sounds like you are ready. This week? I’m glad to hear your Chi voice again. I love, love the room….it is so welcoming! I predict every morning when you greet her it will feel like Christmas morning. I’m writing a little story about that. XO nanc

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