Slice of Life Challenge 2013! A Reason To Write


The Slice of Life Challenge is hosted at Two Writing Teachers.

I can’t believe it’s Slice of Life Challenge time again.  It would have been easy for me to not participate this year.  But I always participate, at least I always try to!  The truth is there isn’t always time for writing, we have to make time for it.  In fact, I would argue that the times in your life when you have the least time to write are those most worth capturing.  I certainly have some life to capture these days.


It’s a rare day when the sun peaks its head out in these long winter months.  My car sits cold on the street, wondering where I’ve been.  Although I rarely leave the confines of my two bedroom apartment these days, my life bustles with activity.  You see, I’ve just had a baby.  I change diapers, I rock, I breastfeed, I lament over the state of my body, I change diapers, I nap, I change diapers, I breastfeed, I do laundry, I change clothes, I do more laundry, I change more diapers, I breastfeed, I maybe shower…maybe.  You get the picture.

It might sound a bit repetitive.  I suppose it is.  But in between these predictable moments are little surprises.  Tiny gifts that make the long days and nights so worth while.

A tentative first smile.

A giggle in her sleep.

A sneeze and a fart simultaneously.

Her eyes locked on mine studying my face.

Watching my husband melt with her in his arms.

I might not leave the house much these days.  I may not have any pants that fit.  I may spend hours slathering creams on various parts of my body in hopes of helping them recover to their former glory.  But it’s all worth while.  These little moments are already going to fast and that is a reason to write.


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10 thoughts on “Slice of Life Challenge 2013! A Reason To Write

  1. Katie, I was so excited to see you were going to write this year! What a sweetheart you have! That picture is too cute. Your stories are also tiny gifts that you will treasure as you capture these days and nights of your life. Absolutely precious!

  2. Your post reminds me of that complete absorption of new motherhood. I am recalling my first days, weeks and months with my new baby daughter clearly…your brief, clear writing prompted me to remember the times.
    Savor these times. The traffic can wait. The car is not whining. 🙂 Laura

  3. Oh my, how your world has expanded when staying in. So sweet. I look forward to more captured moments.

  4. These are the best days. There is something about this cocoon-like existence with this little companion that is simply the best feeling. Your post took me back to those days, Katie…so thank you for that gift, and thank you for returning to slicing today!

  5. Love this post. You will certainly find lots of little moments to write about with that little cutie around. You could do a picture and a post every day!

  6. What a precious and beautiful soul she is, Katie.

    I know people say they go fast (for me they didn’t because, like you, I tried to savor every moment) so enjoy these days.

  7. What a beautiful little girl. I still love watching the way my husband melts for our little girl. Little girls bring out a new and special kind of love in all of us. Enjoy the precious moments, little surprises, and tiny gifts.

  8. Jaana

    Wonderful to read your writings again. And most of all, congratulations on your new baby!

  9. Oh, Katie! How exciting your here! And writing! And sharing that beautiful baby girl! She is precious! (Don’t you just love those hospital pics they take? I wasn’t going to buy the “whole package” but because of the emotional state I was in, I cried during the entire slide show and bought them all!)

    Anyways, the repetitive life can be difficult to say the least, but it so worthwhile. Try to savor those little memories because even though you think you’ll remember, they do go quickly and you really live in the moment.

  10. Congratulations, Katie, she’s beautiful! And like everyone else said, savor these moments because they will go so, so fast. So glad you are saving them in slices!

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