On Saturdays I Shower

CascadeWell that’s an ominous title.  I don’t mean to make it seem that I only bathe once a week like some European hippie.  I get a rinse off here and there.  But on Saturday mornings, after the baby has had her breakfast and is fast asleep, after my husband has emerged from the bedroom bleary eyed, I shower.  I take a long, hot, soapy shower.  I fuss over myself.  I wash my hair twice.  I may even actually blow dry and straighten it.  I do all of those things that help me remember that there’s still a me inside this mom.  I emerge from the steamy bathroom, hair dripping, refreshed.  On Saturdays I Shower with a capital “S.”

photo credit: SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget via photopin cc

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12 thoughts on “On Saturdays I Shower

  1. So glad you get a little time for YOU on Saturdays. Being a mom is hard, hard work!

  2. You take me back to the time with babies, at home, taking time off from school with that little one creating a world centered on naps and feeding, with typing often being a one handed endeavor with the baby nursing while I found new ways in keyboarding and everything. Ah, the simple pleasures of things like a long uninterrupted shower on a Saturday morning knowing my husband would be with the baby so my time could be my own. Yet now you make me nostalgic for the simple pleasure of that little one resting on my shoulder with little arms embracing me. You seem to treasure it all–baby time (yesterday’s post) and today you time–embracing it all. Today I will enjoy my shower time a little more, but who knows if it will be uninterrupted with a child of 5 and 8. The little things are sometimes so huge!

  3. I love the hot, so hot shower. It makes me feel alive. I’m looking forward to hearing about you new and wonderful life. xo

  4. Glad you find a little “me” time in your week. For me it was and still is, a long soaky bubble bath on Sunday night. It is another one of those unwritten rules of our marriage.

  5. Shower with a capital S, a perfect description of the time savoring that hot soapy water. I remember having to jump in quick and keep an ear tuned to the sounds of the baby. Enjoy your time!

  6. It’s the little things you do for yourself as a mom that make a difference – a luxurious shower, for instance. Bravo!

  7. Oh, I remember those days. The shower with a capital S is a special moment for moms with very young babies. I applaud you for finding the time to write after the S and for making your writing so entertaining as well.

  8. Oh, yes… That’s me on Saturdays AND Sundays. The other thing I do is watch some dvr’d shows of “Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays”, dvr’d so that I can watch anytime without commercials. Now THAT is relaxing and rejuvenating body and spirit. I especially love it when my husband joins me, and we talk about spiritual wonders, angels, love, and all that is good.

  9. A long, hot, wonderful shower. I LIVE for mine. Glad you had at least one…

  10. It’s important to remember to do those things for yourself. These are busy times when babies are little and kids are growing up. Enjoy!!

  11. Continue to enjoy those long hot Showers on Saturdays. I remember those days of wanting to just stay a little longer. I still have some of those other quick days . . . just this morning my two little ones woke up earlier than usual and I had to jump in and out. I love your line about “doing all of those things that help me remember that there’s still a me inside this mom.” You need this!

  12. I could change the title to ‘On Saturdays I’m taking a bath’ – long, hot and foamy. Mama’s life can be fabulous sometimes 😉 xx


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