When I decided to do the Slice of Life challenge this year I knew I wouldn’t write every day.  (Although I didn’t mean to let this many days go by!)  With a newborn in the house my expectations for what can be accomplished have been wildly adjusted.  It’s as if time has bent and there is an entirely new clock in the house.  Sometimes is speeds up and sometime it slows waaaaay down.

Things that used to take me 10, 20, 30 minutes can now take up to two hours.  Small household chores are entirely dependent on how long the baby naps or if the baby is in a good mood.  Trips to the store or the coffee shop take more strategic planning than a military operation.  I honestly have no idea how people with more than one child ever leave the house.

On the the other hand there are daily activities that happen in a fraction of the time they used to.  Eating a meal…five minutes tops.  Showering…3 minutes, 4 if I wash my hair.  Bathroom…30 seconds.  Like I said, time has bent and the days pass with their own rhythm.

I rarely know what day it is any more.  I only know what time it is in relation to when the baby last ate.  I don’t distinguish between sleeping clothes and daytime clothes and I only change outfits when they get puked on or stink so bad that even the baby is offended.  It’s like I’m in my own little universe and any attempt to interact with the outside world turns into a hiccup.  Sort of like that moment when you step of the moving walkway and it takes a minute for your head and body to reconcile themselves.

No matter how wonky my clock has gone it’s a joyous wonky.  One I’m happy to accept in exchange for a toothless baby grin here and there.

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10 thoughts on “Time

  1. You made me remember those days pretty well!

  2. My firstborn is heading for twenty, but I still remember the haze of newborn-ness that hung about the house. I don’t know if I’m glad to see that it hasn’t changed in two decades…but I am glad to read that you accept it with joy. It is a daunting, wonderful, amazing task, this taking care of new life!

  3. I actually miss those time-bendy days and my youngest is only one. It IS a joyous wonky, and you described it perfectly. Congrats on your new baby, too!

  4. Lisa

    I’m right there with you! “Bent” is a good way to describe time these days. It takes me more time to get in the car, out of the car, in the car and out of the car than it actually takes to do the shopping!

  5. I have two under 2 right now and you think your time bends now…it bends even more once another one gets here! As long as you keep a positive perspective on it all and realize what’s important, the bending is worth it, like you said. 🙂

  6. You’ve described this time perfectly! You live of baby time and you learn to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time and other items on the to do list sometimes never get done! Continue to enjoy this joyous time because it goes fast. Soon three months old. Six months old. A year . . . Each has it’s own phase and time challenges. It get’s easier in ways and more difficult, but focus on your little blessing. She makes it all worth it!!

  7. So good to hear your voice. I love this line…Trips to the store or the coffee shop take more strategic planning than a military operation….true…. and my favorite word that you used of course…wonky! The wonky ride is definitely never ending but hysterically fun ! xo

  8. A joyous wonky…what a wonderful way to describe those time bending days and weeks.

  9. Glad to read you are still surviving, even if you are in a time warp zone. You sound happy. 🙂 That’s all that matters these days.

  10. Babies do provide lots of “joyous wonky” once they arrive. Toddlers provide more of the same. 🙂

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