Day 2: The Soundtrack of My Life


Mornings used to be quiet in my house.  They sounded like the hum of the refrigerator, a clock ticking steadily, coffee brewing in a cup.  If you listened closely you would here a mind slowly waking up, soft wind outside the window, the sun just peeking over horizon.

Mornings used to be quiet in my house.  Now they sound like a small voice babbling, trying to find words to ask for breakfast, plastic toys calling to each other in song, coffee brewing in a cup, coffee brewing in a cup, coffee brewing in a cup!  If you listen closely you will here a three hearts beating as one; Dada, Ama, and Gigi.  Dada snoring softly under the covers.  The clink of toys that Ama (that’s me) is throwing in the toy basket.  Gigi plotting the many ways that she will destroy the living room today….

This morning is no different.  Fingers click on computer keys.  Gigi pulls up on the other end of the couch and spies the laptop open.  Her mouth opens wide in an excited roar and she cruises with purpose towards me.  Little feet thumping on the floor.  Hot breath on my toe.  She squeals with glee as she reaches me, her tiny fingers blindly flailing at the keys.

“No No No,” I say.  Gigi shakes her head left to right in response, smiles, and keeps jabbing at the keyboard.

Mornings used to be quiet in my house.  I like them better this way.

The annual March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted at Two Writing Teachers.

The annual March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted at Two Writing Teachers.

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14 thoughts on “Day 2: The Soundtrack of My Life

  1. I love the repeated, intentional line and that you love your new life!

  2. I love your outlook and perspective. And also love the new noises in your life. Enjoy!!!

  3. I love the gratitude and joy that drips out from your words!!! Beautiful!!

  4. Oh how can you not love them that way. The images you created in your writing, allowed me to see exactly how wonderful your house must be.

  5. How true is this …. Even when I have the opportunity to sleep in, it’s impossible between the sweet voices and the pitter patter of running down the hall! I enjoyed your repetition regarding coffee!!! When life with little kids gets challenging my husband and I sing a line from Allen Jackson’s song ‘remember when, the sound of little feet, was the music we danced to week to week.’ For once again the mornings will be quiet and we’ll be longing for these days! Happy slicing and gave a good day!

  6. Those new sounds are the best sounds! Enjoy!

  7. Well, now that mornings have returned to the way they used to be 24 years ago – empty nester that I am – YOUR morning makes me remember and smile. Those were wonderful mornings.

  8. You have the soundtrack of love. Best sounds ever.

  9. Enjoy all those wonderful sounds!

  10. I love this soundtrack! I am finding this new soundtrack to be the music I love to listen to. What a great Slice!

  11. Oh those eyes! What love is in that morning music. Sweet slice.

  12. What a sweet comparison between the ‘then’ of your life and the ‘now’. Mine is the same. Sweetest sounds. Love your ending line, too — perfect.

  13. I like them better this way too. And you’ll never really remember those quiet days again. This is your new normal. Amazing photograph too!

  14. Cherish these little moments. It doesn’t seem possible, but one day they walk out the door on their first date…yikes.

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