Day 5: Enough Already!

I cursed my choice of shoes all the way to the car.  Instead of my warm winter boots I had slipped on my Merril clogs and was now navigating through a fresh three inch snow cover.  This was not the first time I had tempted Winter.  The day before I wore an unseasonably light shirt beneath my winter coat.  The day before that I went out without a hat or gloves.  As if my not wearing these items would somehow tell winter it was time to go.  Depart.  Leave.  Shove of.  Go away.  Scram.  Skeddadle.  Enough already!

I finally reached my car and flopped into my seat kicking the snow from my shoes and pants.  The roared to a start and cold air blasted from the vent.  I rolled down the windows instead of getting out to brush this newest dusting of snow from the windows.  The novelty having worn off at least five snowstorms ago.  As I waited for the car to heat I thought of the lies we told ourselves.

“The snow is so pretty when it’s all fresh.”

“At least it’s cold enough to snow.”

“I can stand the cold, it’s just the wind.”

Enough already.

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7 thoughts on “Day 5: Enough Already!

  1. I am out of here! Cancun coming on Sunday!

  2. I love winter…but I am ready for some warm weather. We have not seen the ground since December…but I guess that is better than brown grass. It is March…so soon we will see the first crocus popping through the ground….we will…yes we will…! Jackie

  3. The snow is so pretty in November and even December…. but March? I am with you, it is time to stop! Spring Break starts in a week and the ground in central Kansas is till covered with snow.

  4. Amen, sister!

  5. Glistening snow is so overrated!

  6. The calendar says snow be gone, why doesn’t it go? I had to laugh at your clothing choices, if only it were that simple.

  7. mrssurridge

    Winter seems to be pretty lazy this year. He is just not interested in moving on. My feet got cold just reading this!

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