Day 8: #PLAYDATE14


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I woke up early this morning.  I was going to a conference that wasn’t a conference at all!  I was going to my very first Playdate.  The day would be filled with lots of teachers just sitting around playing and learning with each other.   At that last minute I decided to attend the Makers session and it was my best moment of the day.

As I entered the room I could see a wide variety of boxed stacked on a table.  Inside were circuits and wires, mysterious items, and lots of things that I just couldn’t name.  This looks intimidating I thought.  Thanks to a teacher named Bill Steinbach we had all of these great toys to play with.  I surveyed them carefully and picked up a lone box that indicated I could build my own camera.  Now that sounded cool.

My self doubt returned as I opened the box and looked at all of the parts.  Just take it one step at a time I thought.  Step by step, instruction by instruction, picture by picture I began to put it together.  Slowly, slowly my camera started to grow.  My train of thought was interrupted as a group of people started shouting.  They had built some kind of human piano.  But I continued on.  Glancing at the clock the pressure of time bore down but I knew I had to be careful and precise.  Afterall, this wasn’t even my camera!  Piece by piece by piece.  Finally it was done!  I turned the crank to charge the battery rotated the dial to on and held my breath.  The little screen lit up and there, in front of my stunned eyes, was a screen for a digital camera.  I had done it.  I seized the camera and leaped to my feet.

“I did it!” I screamed.  “I built a camera!”  I rushed over to snap some pictures of the human piano.  It was a glorious glorious moment.


The very first picture I took with my camera!

The Human Piano

The Human Piano

Joy and excitement.  This was also supposed to be a 3D camera but I didn't quite figure that part out.

Joy and excitement. This was also supposed to be a 3D camera but I didn’t quite figure that part out.

A blurry selfie.

A blurry selfie.

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2 thoughts on “Day 8: #PLAYDATE14

  1. Lisa

    That is a really cool thing to do!

  2. Suzanne Gibbs

    What fun!! Way to step through intimidation to victory!

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