Day 19: Rainy Morning

I rushed from the door of our condo building out into the rain.  Gigi buried her head into my shoulder, still groggy from her morning wake up.  I silently swore as I tip toed through a puddle while balancing the baby and my school bag.  As I reached the gate I shifted Gigi to one hip, fumbled with the loose handle and navigated yet another puddle.  I’m so over this crummy weather.

Finally through the gate we rushed through the puddles, pouring rain, and mud to the car.  As I approached I could see a large van illegally parked in front of me and backed right up to my front bumper.  I shot the driver a nasty look and I leaped from the curb, over yet another giant puddle, and into the street.  Rain poured onto my back as I buckled Gigi into her car seat.  Why doesn’t this jerk pull up, he clearly knows I’m getting ready to leave.

Once inside the car I settled my items, started the car, and popped it into reverse.  Still annoyed with the van driver I started to back up and that’s when I saw it.  The bumper sticker.  He’s a Sox fan.  Figures.

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3 thoughts on “Day 19: Rainy Morning

  1. I read that to be Boston Red Sox Fan and then I remembered you live in Chicago, so he must be a White Sox Fan. Either way, the ending amused me. (I’m a Yankees fan.)

    I never loved walking outside in the rain when I lived in NYC. Then I had a child and now I really dislike navigating through rainy days with her in tow. I know the rain is a necessity, but it’s even tougher when you have a kid.

  2. Loved the ending, a complete surprise. Your aggravation with the weather came through loud and clear. I say ditto!

  3. Definitely must be a White Sox fan…we Red Sox fans are a much more considerate lot!

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