Day 21: The Park

I took Gigi to the park today after school.  She had been sick and grouchy all afternoon so I thought a bit of fresh air might do us both some good.  She squealed with glee as we approached the gate but clung to my legs once we were there.  Screaming children ran past us at lightening speed.  I don’t think she’s quite used to so much commotion.  I sat on the bench with her clinging to my legs and peering out at the other children.  I was soaking up a few random rays of sunlight when a group of three boys ambled past me.  The ring leader shouted, “I know.  Girls against boys.  Girls against boys in football!”  The other two jubilantly agreed and they went skipping back in the direction they came.

I watched as they bounded up to two girls playing on a spinny thing, which I don’t know the name of since we never had anything like it when I was a kid.  “Let’s play football, girls against boys!” they shouted.  The one little girl didn’t even stop spinning as she laughed.  The other one who was watching her looked at them with disdain and said, “we prefer to do OTHER things.”

“Yeah,” her friend chimed in. “We’re not falling for that nonsense.”  Then she whipped her hair back.  I had to stop myself from laughing out loud.

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One thought on “Day 21: The Park

  1. Girl Power at its finest!

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