Day 22: The Park Again

The park was much quieter today, and colder.  I was thinking about yesterday and how chaotic it was.  Women chasing kids, kids chasing kids.  Today there only a few small families braving the cool morning.  Kons pushed Gigi on the swing and I looked around, preferring this quieter and less….I didn’t have a word to describe it.  Something about the people.  I guess it’s in the stroller really.  Yesterday I was the only person with a travel Chicco stroller.  It’s a good stroller but it’s the kind you buy at Babies R’ Us or Target.  It works for me.  It folds easily, travels easily, fits in my car, and fits under the stairs in the foyer of our condo unit.  It’s no City Mini, it’s no B.O.B or Joovy, it’s certainly not an Uppa.

I can understand why you’d want to drop some coin on a good stroller.  If I had a place to put mine where I knew it wouldn’t get stolen I might get myself a nice City Mini too.  Of course, as I looked around at the park I got the impression that for some of these people it was more about the name.  And as I sat, by myself with my usually outgoing but today very shy 13-month old, who has decided that walking is for suckers and she’s not gonna do it, I began to see the social strata at the park.  The strata that I thought anyone living north of Montrose might be immune too.

Of course the skinny moms in Lululemon yoga pants all clustered together.  I won’t be judgmental.  I’m sure they’re very nice people.  But they aren’t interested in making friends unless you are also a skinny mom wearing Lululemon.  Then there was the nanny on a playdate with two Lululemon moms.  She made a big show of giving fair time outs and saying things like “I need you to control your body before you play on the structure.”  I know that game.  She probably really wanted to say “cut the crap and quit whining.”  But she didn’t and as the group departed I heard her mentioning that she had some free nights for babysitting.

It’s funny how some things never change.  Maybe I’m just imagining it.  Maybe I’m not.

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