Day 24: Omelette

I cracked the eggs carefully and deposited them into the measuring cup with a satisfying plop.  Next I added just a dash of pepper, not too much, just a dash.  After that I cut a nice chunk of fresh feta and chopped it.  Then I added the spinach I had cooked and mixed the two together.

I could hear the water sizzle on the pan letting me know it was ready.  A dab of olive oil paved the way and I dumped the eggs into the pan with a dramatic sizzle.  I pulled carefully at the edges letting the raw egg take it’s turn on the searing hot pan.  As soon as I saw that it was ready I carefully spooned the Feta and spinach onto the cooking egg.  I rushed to grab my toast from the oven while my omelette finished cooking.  Then I lovingly placed it onto my breakfast plate.  I adorned it with two freshly buttered pieces of toast and a steamy hot cup of coffee.  Boy I love breakfast.

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3 thoughts on “Day 24: Omelette

  1. Your perfectly worded details have left my mouth watering, and I’ve just finished dinner.

  2. That was a pretty awesome breakfast – it’s making my dinner look really pathetic.
    PS: Here’s what it felt to be in Stephanie’s session and watch video of you teach:

  3. margaretsmn

    Wow! Your explanation made it all come to life, especially the sounds and smells.

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