Tuesday.  It’s Mommy Baby day!  As a special treat I decided to take Gigi to the Chicago Children’s Museum today.  Although Gigi was skeptical when we got in the car (By skeptical I mean she screamed at the top of her lungs and made her body as stiff as a board) she started to perk up when we arrived at Navy Pier.  It might have been the smell of cinnamon roasted nuts or the sight of Build-A-Bear. (Thank goodness she doesn’t know what that is yet.)  As soon as I released her from her stroller she was up and moving.  Literally.  See she really just learned how to walk in the last week or so.

“Up, up,” she commanded.  This is her word now.  “Up!” Up means give me your hand so that I can drag you all around where ever I want to go.  “Up” also means pick me up so I can play flop my body on the couch while you desperately try to keep me from flying off the couch.  Occasionally “Up” means pick me up and cuddle me I’m tired.

So Up we went.  Up to the bubbles exhibit where she toddled and pointed wildly.  Up to the fort exhibit where she climbed on an upside down table.  Up to the babies room where she tried to eat a chunk of wood meant for the light table.  Up to kid town where she pushed a little shopping cart around into people legs.  Up to the Big Backyard where she giggled along with fake flowers.  Up, Up, Up.



I originally had the title of this post as Big Flowers and Bubbles but as I got to the end of my writing I realized that I had kind of gone off on this tangent about her new word “Up.”  Although she knows other words this is the one you hear ALL DAY LONG.  So I decided that would be the best title for this piece.

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2 thoughts on “Up

  1. Very sweet post. Later, you will be glad to have this to remember her “up” phase!

  2. So, so cute! Watching the exploration of this fascinating world is so fun. What a fun day for you both!

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