I stepped gingerly onto the ice covered parking lot clutching Gigi in my arms.  As I mentally calculated the distance from my stairs to my car I began to shuffle my feet slowly.  My gosh, I thought, we’ll never make it!  shuffle, shuffle.  shuffle, shuffle.  Ten minutes later I was buckling Gigi in and soon inching my way down the equally slick side streets.

I decided to park illegally at the bank across from the daycare.  The streets were still congested with snow and now ice and I didn’t want to risk getting stuck.  Unfortunately in my haste I momentarily forgot about the ice.  It only took me about three steps up the slight incline before I found myself in the air and then on the ground.

“Ow,” I screamed as my tailbone smacked the pavement hard and my right arm, which had shot out to break my fall, plunged into a chunky icy snow bank.  My bare skin burned with the contact of the cold.  Somehow my mother instincts made sure Gigi landed on top of me and she just giggled, thinking the whole thing part of some silly game.

I slowly got to my feet and dropped her off, thankful that she was okay, but sad about the now growing pain in my back.

I will be very happy when winter is over.

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8 thoughts on “Smack!

  1. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Ouch. I’m glad Gigi is okay! A fall with a little one can be scary! I fell not to long ago too on my driveway. I was more worried about the neighbors seeing me! I’m sure you’ll be feeling some pain for awhile. Take it easy … winter in Chicago will be over … soon …

  2. Oh, that ice will get you every time! I hope winter melts away soon for you and the east coast. So glad you weren’t seriously hurt, although I know you will be bruised.

  3. Lisa

    I’m with you! Winter is so unpleasant. Glad you are both OK. I love the way you describe the scene!

  4. Yikes…hope you are okay, Katie. This is going to go down in history as one of those winters – ugh.

  5. Holy cow! Sounds like it has been a long winter! I hope you are ok- those icy falls can leave lots of aches and pains!

  6. So hope your back is better. Be sure to take care of it. Ice can be so treacherous. I had a fall a few weeks ago and hit my head. Not fun. At least the headaches are gone.

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