No testing?

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February is normally a stress-filled month.  Every year since I began teaching we’ve had testing the first week in March.  This year there is no ISAT test the first week of March and it’s made for a wonderful and strange month.  Over the years I developed strategies for preparing my students for the ISAT tests (not prepping them) that minimized the impact on our day to day.  But since school started back up in January I haven’t given testing more that a fleeting moment of a flicker of a thought.

In fact the only thought I’ve given to it is wondering if we will even be taking the PARCC test this year.  No one seems to know.  Chicago is in a battle to not take the tests citing that the schools aren’t technology ready.  The federal and state government aren’t happy.  Will we?  Won’t we?  Who knows?

At any rate we’ve done nothing to test prep.  I’m confident my students are as prepared for the challenge as they should be because I’ve been teaching hard all year long and honestly, that should be enough.

For now, I will enjoy it; focus on getting myself back to weekly slicing and getting my students prepared to take the month long slice of life challenge.  That seems like a much more worthy use of my time.

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10 thoughts on “No testing?

  1. Kimberley

    I love this! I am wondering with you if the kids will have to take the tests or if the world will get to see that you all survived (lived even) despite not taking the test. Good luck!

  2. Since we do no testing, I can’t imagine what it must be like to prepare. I hear from my grandson that there is lots of test prep at his school (now middle school) in Texas, & he tires of it year after year. It seems because of the turmoil you & your students have a lucky break & you have the joy of just learning! Best wishes Katie!

  3. Good teaching should trump test prep. So keep teaching hard and be confident that your students will be able to handle what ever nonsense the government throws at them.

  4. Ugh – we are two weeks from this nightmare. I feel so conflicted – I don’t want my kids to feel unprepared, and yet I don’t want to waste time on “test stuff” when there are great books to read and so much to learn about.

  5. Enjoy it!

    Every day is test prep (and life prep) when you’re a good teacher. It is embedded in everything you do, right?

  6. Indiana is in the same boat. We are to start next week and they are now considering decreasing the amount of testing time. We were up to 12 hours! But the test is printed so will we eliminate questions or sections or what? Who knows. If they only knew what was best….sigh!

  7. I vote for no testing for you…but nobody cares what I think! Enjoy your test-free zone as long as it lasts!

  8. In Wisconsin, we are taking the “Badger Exam” which is supposed to be similar to PARCC, except we just found out that the state doesn’t have enough money to even pay for the test. Seriously, this is so comical. I’m so glad that you recognize that what you do every day in your classroom is what matters…it IS enough!


  9. Michelle @litlearningzone

    We are on for the first week in March – technology ready! I had not heard yet about the battle in the Chicago schools. Interesting … Teachers at my school aren’t so much test prepping as much (I hope) but more time provided to play with the tools and to become familiar with the new format. It will be an interesting couple of weeks.

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