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Day 18: Big Sister!

Things have been a bit crazy here lately.  But I won’t give up on the challenge.  So back to slicing it is.  Here’s one reason why life has been getting a little nuts.  

Gigi was playing with her baby doll, rocking it in the crib and feeding it a bottle.  ”You’re so good at that!” I said.  ”You know, you’re going to be a big sister soon.”  She looked at me for a moment and then went back to playing.  ”Gigi a baby is coming.  We’re going to have a baby come live with us.  Do you want to be a big sister?”  She looked at me quizzically and said “baby?” then she looked around.  In theory, Gigi really likes babies.  She helps with all of the babies at daycare, feeding and rocking them just like she does with her dolls.  But I’m not too sure how she will react to having to share her mommy.  I guess only time will tell.

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Day 12: She swings


The first thing she goes for is the swings.  Running past plastic towers of fun to creaky comets launching through the air.  First the baby swing.  “Up, up!”

push, swing, push, swing, push, swing.  Over and over and over again.  She never wants to stop.

You’ve never seen such joy in a child as when she’s flying though the air, shouting “Whooooaaaaa!”

Once she finishes with the baby swing she wants the big girl swing.  I carefully wrap my hands around hers on the chains and tell her “hold on, hold tight.”  Hoping she understands.

With each push my heart drops a little.  “Faster!  Higher!”

She yearns to swing, yearns to fly.

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Day 11: You sit stacked…

You sit stacked on my nightstand.  Your pile somewhat disheveled, a never-ending revolving door of friends.  Each one of you holds a story; waits patiently, hoping for your turn to be unfurled.  Some of you are lucky.  You barely sit at the top of the pile before I’ve snatched you up and devoured you, before passing you on.  Others of you continually pushed to the bottom of the pile, gathering dust.  You are good, I’m sure you are, it’s just that there others who stand out from the crowd begging.  You sit stacked on my nightstand.  Waiting for your day to shine.

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Day 10: 30 steps to my morning

Routines, routines.  They guide our life.  Sometimes I don’t even notice the routines in my day.  Today I wrote a list about my morning routine.

30 Steps to my Morning

  1. Alarm goes off.
  2. Snooze.
  3. Alarm goes off.
  4. Snooze.
  5. Alarm goes off.
  6. Snooze.
  7. Get dressed.
  8. Wake up toddler.
  9. Get toddler dressed.
  10. Argue with toddler about getting dressed.
  11. Attempt to get toddler dressed.
  12. Bribe toddler.
  13. Attempt to get toddler dressed.
  14. Fight toddler in epic battle.
  15. Take toddler to daycare.
  16. Drive to work.
  17. Stop at starbucks.
  18. Order largest coffee they make.
  19. Get to work.
  20. Trudge up stairs.
  21. Realize I forgot my key.
  22. Trudge downstairs saying bad words.
  23. Trudge back upstairs more slowly.
  24. Dump stuff in chair.
  25. Check email.
  26. Gaze at giant pile of papers to grade.
  27. Get distracted by interesting article I want to share with class.
  28. Bell rings.
  29. Get kids.
  30. Day begins.
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Day 9: Windows Open

The open windows let in the sound of

children set free

from the icy confines

of winter.

Joyful voices

buzzing back and forth.

Coats unzipped, hat tossed aside.

Feet sloshing in the still frozen ground

mixed with melted

bits of winter.

The open windows

reveal a taste of spring,

hope on a breeze

excitement on a ray of sunshine

and smiles all around.

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Day 8: Clean

Toddler clean, carseat clean.

Floor clean.

Ahhhh the scent of Murphy’s wood soap.

Dishes clean, counter clean.

Pans scrubbed with elbow grease and love.

Toys put away, book on display.

I’m starting to feel right again.

Laundry done, folded and neat.

Bathroom sparkling white.

Thanks Mr. Clean.

The stenches of yesterday long gone.

What is the old chicken?  The sick kid?

A winter too long?

Windows cracked, crisp fresh air in.

I think I can think again.

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Day 7: The sounds you never want to hear

Do you know what you don’t want to hear?  A sound that can really ruin your drive home on a Friday evening.  You know what would just make your long tired day from dreams of flopping on the couch and catching up on DVR to minor emergency status?  The sounds of your toddler barfing not once, not twice, but three times all over herself, her carseat, and your car.

<The rest of this slice has been censored due to disgustingness.>

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Day 6: When They Grow Up and You Just Get Older

I’ve been seeing a lot of former students lately.  Occasionally where there’s something going on at the high school level groups of kids will return to school to come visit.  They don’t know this, but I relish those moments.  Seeing their teenage faces, hearing about their successes in high school, these things make me happy.  It’s always so funny to watch my current class gasp in wonder when a group of teenagers walks in the door.  Of course, they are overjoyed at the interruption in the middle of math class.  But I wonder if they see themselves in those teenagers, it won’t be so many years before they grow up too.  Their changes will by physical (getting taller, deeper voices, teenage acne) and emotional (first loves, the uncertainty of choosing a college, emerging into the job world).

Of course when I hear of students from my first class heading off to college I start to feel old.  Which is no comparison to teachers I’ve worked with who have taught a student and then that student’s child! But still.  However, even though I continue to age, I’m not growing up.  You see I’m growing down.  Working in the education field gives you the distinct pleasure of getting to stay connected to your inner child.  For example, the other day I was testing out a robot and rolled it into a fellow teachers classroom in the middle of a lesson.  It was childish.  We all had a good laugh.  Seeing life through each new generation’s eyes keeps us connected to some fundamental truths about life.  Good instruction is important, but so is having fun and taking time to play.

My former students will have to grow up, face the harsh realities of adulthood some day.  I’ve been there and done that.  I may be getting older, but you can’t make me grow up.

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Day 5: 38,000 Miles and 10 Degrees

I pulled into the parking lot this morning and happened to glance down at my dash. 38,000 miles and 10 degrees.  That just about sums it up, right?  It’s funny how numbers sum up our lives in the most mundane ways.

38 years old.

10 years teaching.

1 child.

5 feet 6 inches tall.

They tell you both something and nothing at the same time.

This slice feels unfinished to me today.  There is more to this idea that I want to share, but the thoughts won’t form in my mind.

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Day 4: A Mother’s Work Day Never Ends

The call comes at 12:45am-crying, moaning, wailing.  I lay in bed for a few minutes to see if she will calm down as she often does.  But tonight it continues, she needs her mama.  She needs me.

The minute I walk in her bedroom illuminated by the soft glow of moonlight she springs to her feet, arms outstretched from the crib.  I wrap her up in my arms, no easy task. She’s getting so big.

We snuggle into the chair.  Become one person cuddled there together, the wailing begins again.  How many nights have we spent in this chair together?  I play soft music on my phone and she slowly calms.

It’s been a long time since she’s need to be rocked in the middle of the night, I enjoy it in the moment.  Thinking of a time when she will be bigger and no longer crave the arms of her mama around her.  It goes so fast.

Eventually her eyes become heavy and her head rests against me.  I rise slowly, tuck her into her bed.  One blanket, one bear, one baby, two lovies.  Sweet dreams little one, I’m always here for you.  Forever and ever.

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