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Day 4: A Mother’s Work Day Never Ends

The call comes at 12:45am-crying, moaning, wailing.  I lay in bed for a few minutes to see if she will calm down as she often does.  But tonight it continues, she needs her mama.  She needs me.

The minute I walk in her bedroom illuminated by the soft glow of moonlight she springs to her feet, arms outstretched from the crib.  I wrap her up in my arms, no easy task. She’s getting so big.

We snuggle into the chair.  Become one person cuddled there together, the wailing begins again.  How many nights have we spent in this chair together?  I play soft music on my phone and she slowly calms.

It’s been a long time since she’s need to be rocked in the middle of the night, I enjoy it in the moment.  Thinking of a time when she will be bigger and no longer crave the arms of her mama around her.  It goes so fast.

Eventually her eyes become heavy and her head rests against me.  I rise slowly, tuck her into her bed.  One blanket, one bear, one baby, two lovies.  Sweet dreams little one, I’m always here for you.  Forever and ever.

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