Day 5: 38,000 Miles and 10 Degrees

I pulled into the parking lot this morning and happened to glance down at my dash. 38,000 miles and 10 degrees.  That just about sums it up, right?  It’s funny how numbers sum up our lives in the most mundane ways.

38 years old.

10 years teaching.

1 child.

5 feet 6 inches tall.

They tell you both something and nothing at the same time.

This slice feels unfinished to me today.  There is more to this idea that I want to share, but the thoughts won’t form in my mind.

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9 thoughts on “Day 5: 38,000 Miles and 10 Degrees

  1. I’m struck by the ‘nothing’ you mention in this… you’re so much more than the numbers. People ask me how long I’ve been a teacher; I tell them, and that’s enough for them, as if they know everything they need to from the numbers, when in fact it doesn’t explain anywhere near enough. Easy to think numbers mean more than they do.

  2. mlvteach

    I think it is perfect, just as it is. I like its brevity. Its brevity makes it feel more profound, but maybe you weren’t going for profundity. The way you’ve written it, it has a rhythm that I like.

  3. First, I love the title of your blog…many of my musings are coffee-fueled, too.

    Second, thank you so much for posting something you don’t feel 100% final about…I keep reading all of these beautiful slices and feeling, too, like some of mine are just not quite spot on. I think yours hits the spot, though, because of the nature of those numbers. Some of them will change; some will not. I love that those numbers are a little picture of you–like them, you’ll change in some ways and in some ways you’ll remain the same. What a neat concept to get me thinking about this snowy morning! Thanks for posting!

  4. I was listening to Seasons of Love (from the show Rent) this morning and thinking about the numbers that make up our lives today, too. You can measure all number of things objectively like this (like how many minutes make up a year), but I think that the stuff that really counts is far harder to measure. I do like what you started here though and think it would be neat to continue this list and see what might come of it.

    It’s a little warmer here (22 degrees) and I don’t know the mileage on my car at the moment (though I’d guess from all my roadtrips in it that we’re way past 38000 miles), but the other numbers are remarkably close (39, 12, 1, 5’7″).

  5. To be continued…

  6. Numbers do tell a story, but you are right, not the whole story. I love that you share that there may be more — yet, you still published and shared! And as the author of this blog and writer of this post, let it simmer and finish if only you wish.

  7. Somethings just don’t have to have a finished feel. We are a work in progress, that’s what your numbers tell me today.

  8. Lots to read between the lines! I was doing a “write like this” a la Kelly Gallagher exercise with my students. We looked at the first few pages of a Phyllis Naylor book that started out:
    What I like…
    What I don’t like…
    What I have …
    What I dont’ have…
    Your slices reminds me of that work.

  9. I am 42/15/2/5’5″ See you got me thinking. Isn’t that what we want as writer’s … make our readers think? I love that you posted something that might be “unfinished” …it works for me.

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