Daily Archives: March 8, 2015

Day 8: Clean

Toddler clean, carseat clean.

Floor clean.

Ahhhh the scent of Murphy’s wood soap.

Dishes clean, counter clean.

Pans scrubbed with elbow grease and love.

Toys put away, book on display.

I’m starting to feel right again.

Laundry done, folded and neat.

Bathroom sparkling white.

Thanks Mr. Clean.

The stenches of yesterday long gone.

What is the old chicken?  The sick kid?

A winter too long?

Windows cracked, crisp fresh air in.

I think I can think again.

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Day 7: The sounds you never want to hear

Do you know what you don’t want to hear?  A sound that can really ruin your drive home on a Friday evening.  You know what would just make your long tired day from dreams of flopping on the couch and catching up on DVR to minor emergency status?  The sounds of your toddler barfing not once, not twice, but three times all over herself, her carseat, and your car.

<The rest of this slice has been censored due to disgustingness.>

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