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Day 10: 30 steps to my morning

Routines, routines.  They guide our life.  Sometimes I don’t even notice the routines in my day.  Today I wrote a list about my morning routine.

30 Steps to my Morning

  1. Alarm goes off.
  2. Snooze.
  3. Alarm goes off.
  4. Snooze.
  5. Alarm goes off.
  6. Snooze.
  7. Get dressed.
  8. Wake up toddler.
  9. Get toddler dressed.
  10. Argue with toddler about getting dressed.
  11. Attempt to get toddler dressed.
  12. Bribe toddler.
  13. Attempt to get toddler dressed.
  14. Fight toddler in epic battle.
  15. Take toddler to daycare.
  16. Drive to work.
  17. Stop at starbucks.
  18. Order largest coffee they make.
  19. Get to work.
  20. Trudge up stairs.
  21. Realize I forgot my key.
  22. Trudge downstairs saying bad words.
  23. Trudge back upstairs more slowly.
  24. Dump stuff in chair.
  25. Check email.
  26. Gaze at giant pile of papers to grade.
  27. Get distracted by interesting article I want to share with class.
  28. Bell rings.
  29. Get kids.
  30. Day begins.
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