Day 12: She swings


The first thing she goes for is the swings.  Running past plastic towers of fun to creaky comets launching through the air.  First the baby swing.  “Up, up!”

push, swing, push, swing, push, swing.  Over and over and over again.  She never wants to stop.

You’ve never seen such joy in a child as when she’s flying though the air, shouting “Whooooaaaaa!”

Once she finishes with the baby swing she wants the big girl swing.  I carefully wrap my hands around hers on the chains and tell her “hold on, hold tight.”  Hoping she understands.

With each push my heart drops a little.  “Faster!  Higher!”

She yearns to swing, yearns to fly.

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12 thoughts on “Day 12: She swings

  1. raeily

    I love this. Reminds me of when Amelia wants to sing.It’s only 10% of the time now because she figured out the other kids like to hang out by the slides. I love the last line.

  2. What a sweet little face she has.I too, love your last line.

  3. AWE!!! What a beautiful baby!! I miss these years! You’re a good momma. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. What a beautiful photograph of today’s adventure! Thank you for sharing your well written piece.

  5. Sounds familiar. I’m remembering…

  6. It’s one of many small moments that lead to independence – you’re doing a great job as a parent!

  7. rosecappelli

    Great little scene you captured!

  8. So sweet! You can see all that joy in her face. Nice to read your motherhood slices because I remember reading your work from before she was here.

  9. There is nothing else like that flying freedom in the swing. Oh the joy!

  10. Mmmm… so wonderful that swing and being together in sunshine on the play ground.

  11. Aren’t you glad that there are swings…and kid you love who love them?

  12. Gigi is adorable. She’s like your miniature!
    We got outside and I sliced about swinging today too. Thank goodness spring is springing!

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