You Greet Me



You greet me at the door, dressed in your snowsuit.  “I need my boots, I’m going outside,” you state with confidence.  Before I even set my bags down and unload my work day you are searching for your hat.  Yia Yia arguing with you about wearing gloves.  You are shouting, “Papou! Pame!”  (Grandpa, let’s go)

You look at me and smile.  You have done this yourself.  Gazed out the window all afternoon waiting  as the snow fell.  I can imagine you asking to go outside over and over again while Papou and Yia Yia tried to distract you.  I can see the moment the snow stopped, you were tired of waiting so you went to the closet, pulled your step stool close, and yanked your snowsuit from the hanger with fierce determination.

You’re out the door in a whirl.  Bossing Papou into pulling you on the sled-barely enough snow to make it slide.  Falling on your back, you make a snow angel even though no one ever taught you how.  You are as wild and as free as the snowflakes themselves.

When did you get so big?

I turn my attention to your sister, kicking her legs furiously in the swing.  Her smiles have given way to impatience.  She uses grunts and kicks to communicate.  A stark contrast to your three-year-old independence and fire.  As I approach her she squeals with joy.  I hug her to me feeling her warm little heart beating.  We stand at the window and watch you take on the world.

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9 thoughts on “You Greet Me

  1. This makes me think of a slice I just read about photography/video…and your slice strikes me…how wonderful it will be for so many children growing up to be able to read blogs, hear their parents’ voices, as they grow older. How cool will it be for your daughter, years and years from now, to stumble onto this and read it. It makes me think of how much my mother, now in her 60s, would love that…she would love to read something by her parents…

  2. parkers

    These are the most important moments. My girls are all so big now. But, the little moments of pure joy filling so many of their younger days still echo in my mind. I try and reclaim them when I am drying their adult tears. Then they look back on all the moments we recorded in movies, journals, stories, and view their own joy through a different lens. Celebrate the moments, over and over.

  3. Melanie Roy

    Wow, what a gift you’re giving your children when you write about the small moments. I’m looking forward to reading more in the upcoming month.

  4. Michelle Nero

    Love the comparison of your two girls — but the joy and determination in both shines through your words. These are the little moments I love to treasure. Beautiful slice today, Katie.

  5. A simple moment saved in a special way forever. Love that snowsuit!

  6. margaretsmn

    Snow is a foreign element in the deep south where I live. I love reading stories about it and wonder how different my life would be if I knew snow. I could make snow angels! Thanks for sharing this little slice of snow.

  7. She has spunk — love the power and determination. Remember these moments – when they wait for you and greet you. You will treasure them always… even if you are exhausted right now. She is adorable!

  8. What a wonderful moment to think about and share with us from your day! I can just imagine both of your little ones doing what you described and you taking in the moment. Sometimes it’s so hard for us to stop and do that, and today you were able to!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I’m excited to read more from your posts.

  9. JulieK

    What a wonderful post! Reminded me of when my children were that age. Continue to capture the small moments

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