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Cinderella, Youtube, and Homemade Playdoh


I’ve gotten used to stumbling onto strange things in my house; dolls in the baby’s carseat (not that strange), a castle of magna tiles filled with kitchen utensils and covered in kleenex, stacks of random items in last year’s easter basket sitting in the bathroom, and more.  So much more.

Yesterday my mom was watching the girls.  I never know what I’ll find when I walk in the door but yesterday was peaceful.  The baby asleep, Gigi playing calmly.  It was nice to have a moment to think and unpack, put milk in the fridge, take off my shoes.  Usually I walk in and it’s go, go, go until daddy gets home and I can pass one of these hooligans (I mean lovely angels) off.

As I chatted with my mom Gigi interjected with her narrative of the day.  At three I don’t always understand the full picture.  Something about a panda, Zoe not liking pandas or toys.  My mom filled in that Gigi had been playing Zoe’s panda all day and when she suggested that Gigi play with her own Panda doll she hid Zoe’s and said that Zoe doesn’t like toys.  (oh boy.)

It was then that I noticed another little oddity on the kitchen table.  A small Cinderella figurine wrapped in some of the Playdoh we had made the previous night.  As I looked at it in wonder my mom filled in the gaps, “It’s a hat.  A hat and a cape.  Gigi made it.”  There was no doubt in my mind who it came from.  That silly girl.

Of course the Cinderella and the idea to cover her had come from Youtube Kids.  A cursed app that I put on my iPad.  My intent was to offer up educational songs; English and Greek rhymes, alphabet songs, Daniel Tiger.  Media on my “approved” mental list.  This quickly gave way to unboxing videos, strange home made movies with Elsa and Anna barbies, people pulling Shopkins out of baby bathtubs full of gumballs, and a whole series of videos where someone makes new dresses for these little Disney princess figurines.  It’s enough to drive you crazy.  But with a newborn in the house my hands were tied and once Pandora’s box has been opened you’re hard pressed to get it closed again.

Oh well.  At least she was being creative.  At least we had made the Playdoh together.


Writer’s Reflection:  Although I found power in my title and the image I captured I couldn’t quite grasp the flow of words that I wanted for this slice.  Perhaps I wrote it too soon.  Perhaps the image and words are more powerful than the story written out.  



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