Welcome Baby!


I was overjoyed when I opened my facebook this morning to see that my dear friend and former teaching partner had her baby.  There is something so glorious about watching a new soul enter the world.  But more than that I have a bit of a motherly connection to her mother.

Four years ago I met Amber as I was interviewing to find someone to take my maternity leave.  I knew at the interview she was the girl for me, she didn’t disappoint.  Wise beyond her years- she was a born teacher from the start and slid right in to replace me when I left that January to have Gigi.  She also kept quiet every time I snuck into the coat room to eat a nutty bar…so there’s that.

A year later she took the other fifth grade position and we became partners and friends.  I tried to mentor her in my own way, offering support, but leaving her lots of space to grow and experiment.  To find out who she was as a teacher.

 When I left last year she moved into my room and I willed her 90% of the furniture, books, and supplies that I had won from grants over the years.  She has been with me through two babies, two books, three DVD filmings, a strike and countless trips to Chipotle to restore our souls. She also braved the classroom slice of life challenge with me for two years, not an easy undertaking.

Congratulations dear friend and welcome to the world baby!  And text me as soon as I can come see her.


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12 thoughts on “Welcome Baby!

  1. New babies are a blessing! I love this tribute to your friend.

  2. That’s lovely! Friends are so important and what a blessing for a new life to be here:)

  3. Oooh, there’s nothing sweeter than a newborn baby. Congratulations to your friend and to you, this was a lovely piece of friendship.

  4. What a lovely slice! Now you two have yet another thing in common- motherhood. I hope you get to see her baby soon!

  5. A beautiful tribute to motherhood and teaching. (Long Live the nutty bar!) An amazing mentor you will be to her. I think Teaching Mamas have special work to do, to take care of each other. Congratulations to your friend.

  6. What a sweet friendship/partnership. I have a wonderful colleague who I still am connected with, as we shared a classroom together for a whole year. Then, when I was assigned to the other high school building, she was there to greet me. Those professional friendships are priceless. Congrats to her and her family!

  7. May we all always find ourselves dancing through life’s celebrations and challenges with others! We could do it on our own, but would we really want to? Beautiful post!

  8. A gift of life is always a blessing! This is another beautiful chapter of any woman’s life. There are more things to talk about outside the classroom.

  9. Sweet! And Gigi will be this new baby’s mentor, I’m sure, just as you wee to her mother.

  10. Ana

    New babies are just the best thing ever! This was the sweetest post in honor of your friend, and how much you two have been through together! So happy for her and the new baby!

  11. New babies are such a lovely gift! A work colleague and his wife just had their first. A dear friend of mine is days away from having hers. ‘Tis the season? If so, what a great season! 🙂

  12. What a wonderfully happy slice! Babies always seem to make the world brighter. Congrats to your friend!

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