Searching for Home


Last summer we made a drastic decision to move to the suburbs.  With a second baby on the way and a job that fell in my lap we had to think fast, so we readied our condo to put on the market and bit the bullet.  Most of the bullet biting came with the decision to hold off on looking for a home and live with my in-laws until the spring.  <go ahead and make the face>

It hasn’t been terrible.  Frustrating at times, yes.  There are things I will never understand such as why everything in the pantry is not in it’s original packaging but transferred into large jars.  But it has also been good for the children, to have this special time with their grandparents.  Gigi’s Greek is excellent, and having a few extra sets of hands around with a second baby has been nice.  I know I will greet our move to our own house with joy, but I think it will be hard for Gigi.  She is so used to having her Papou to take her to the swings in the evenings.  It has been a special time for us, one that we will never forget.

Fellow slicer Michelle Nero reminded me yesterday of the importance of story and family in a home.  She reminded me that while we’re looking for houses we need to make sure we are looking for a home.  Families leave their imprint on a house, I believe this to my very core.

We lived in an older house growing up.  When we moved in my parents set about erasing years of poor interior design decisions; terrifying carpet, horrendous wood paneling, tragic wall paper.  The family that lived there before us had a few amateur carpenters in the mix.  They weren’t very good.  Whenever my dad encountered one of their messed up home improvement projects he would affectionately call it a “Henning.”  (The name of the family who lived there.)  Then I would learn some new swear words.

Eventually we made that house our own.  My parents had done as much as they could and right about the time I left to go to college they moved.  To a brand new construction.  I guess they were tired of fixing Hennings.

I don’t know what our house hunting journey will show us.  But above all I will remember that I’m not just looking for a house I’m looking for a home.  Preferably not one that the Hennings ever lived in.




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6 thoughts on “Searching for Home

  1. I loved Michelle’s post yesterday too … a home is important to think about. I love that she is already planning for the memories that make a house a home. She knows what she wants. Some of us plan for the memories and some of us just make them — either way I have no doubt you will find a home! And there will be much laughter…

  2. I grew up living close to my grandparents. Unfortunately my children have not. We have tried to make sure they have spent some of the summer with them and that at least 1 holiday they see my parents. It is such a gift.

  3. Yes, a home is what a family needs. What an adventure to find that home! Good luck with your house hunting.

  4. This time with grandparents is pretty special in our busy busy lives! Best of luck in finding a home for your family.

  5. We just went through sometime similar. The day we brought my son home I needed to move. I never thought it would actually happen, but when he was 6 months old we packed up and went to live with my parents for 9 months. Yes hard, but also so amazing for them to be around to experience so many of our son’s firsts. We looked and looked and looked and had no such luck. We were discouraged and then the perfect thing came along. We’ve only been in the home for 6 months, but we’re making it our home and are so thrilled. I wish you the best of luck and I know you will still find that special time for your little ones to spend quality time with their grandparents!

  6. Michelle Nero

    So happy that Gigi gets all that extra special attention and much needed grandparenting love. Thinking about you and your family as you set out on your home search. There is a story waiting to be told in a new home for you …

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