Car Wash



Car wash rinses the winter away.

I watch as the thick brushes

roll, pound, bounce, spray, scrub, slap

the windows-sides of the car

Lights flashing, sprayers spraying, blowers blowing

Dirt and salt obliterated from view.

Sweet spring air greets gleaming windows.

Tires dripping with new life, fresh roll.

The world blinks it’s eye carefully,

looks up tentatively with renewed soul.

A seed of hope grows carefully

into a flower, then blooms.  Explodes!



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4 thoughts on “Car Wash

  1. Car wash… send with fresh eyes. I can’t wait to see some new at my favorite wash.

  2. Love spring! Your analogies to Washing away and starting clean are great.

  3. What a great poem about the joys of Spring time car washes! I can’t wait to go this weekend and get my car cleaned inside and out! Your writing has so many wonderful adjective and other descriptive pieces that paint such a great picture of what’s going on while you’re driving through the wash! I hope it doesn’t rain on your newly washed car anytime soon!!

  4. This is a fun poem. I love how you are washing away winter. Keep writing!

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