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I’ve been working on poetry with my class.  Yesterday we tried out Tritinas.  It was a real challenge for some kids but they enjoyed playing with this style.  So, my slice is a Tritina today.  And because my blog is Coffee Fueled Musings the topic is…coffee.

Grasping a warm mug of bold,

dark brew.  Starts the morning, promises to excite.

Fills me up inside and trickles into my mind.

Afternoon, a lull in the day and I can’t get sweet coffee out of my thoughts, my mind.

I’m searching for something to jolt me into bold.

Something recklessly poured over ice, a splash of milk, something to excite.

As I put the straw to my lips it begins to excite

me.  The possibilities of the surge racing through my mind

wanders into my glazed eyes.  Bright, Brighter, Bold.

I begin to believe that the ills of the mind can be excited by a bold brew anytime.

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