Day 10: I’m not awake, I’m awake

The alarm jolts me from my slumber.  It is 5:45 but it feel like 4:45.  Not to mention, the baby didn’t sleep well last night.  Midnight and her alarm cry sounds.  I jolt awake and check the monitor torn between going to comfort her and letting her work it out.  Thoughts rushing through my head.  What could be wrong?  A nightmare?  A new tooth?  She fusses for a bit then drifts off.  This repeats and each time I tell myself I’ll wait just a few minutes then go in.  But each time she drifts back off into a fitful sleep.  Now I am awake and she is in dreamland.

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6 thoughts on “Day 10: I’m not awake, I’m awake

  1. I have to double on the coffee this morning. Do you think it will take a week to adjust? xo

  2. Lynn

    I guess the good news is that your little one was able to drift back to dreamland! The bad news . . . you wish dreamland was a place you could go . . . have a good day 😉

  3. Ugh…that’s too early to begin the day, Katie – coffee or no coffee.

  4. I hope you and baby can both sleep tonight at the same time.

  5. Definitely too early a day. Hope you get some sleep tonight (and hope the baby does, too)!

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