New Beginnings, for really real this time!

The phone call came at exactly 2:11 today.  The nurse went down the list of instructions.  No eating for 8 hours, wash with a special soap.  She forgot to mention the most important one…don’t freak out!

Tomorrow at 1:00 pm they will wheel me into the operating room and I, with the help of modern western sterile medicine, will have the least natural birth possible.  I’m okay with it.  I mean I’m petrified down to my very core.  But I’m okay with it.  Let’s face it, I was never going to give birth in a bathtub to chanting monk music and positive mental images anyway.

Mostly I’m just excited.  Tomorrow I get to be a mom again.  Tomorrow we become a family of four.  Tomorrow life changes drastically once again, and for the better, once again.  I know it will be hard and exhausting.  I have faint recollections of those early days with Gigi.  I also know it will be more challenging this time around, because “sleep when the baby sleeps” might work when you have one kiddo but not when there’s a toddler who will be demanding every inch of your sleep deprived attention.

For today there isn’t much I can do but worry, and wait, and pray that everything goes smoothly.

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10 thoughts on “New Beginnings, for really real this time!

  1. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers for wonderful day of welcoming the new addition to your family.

  2. Oh my goodness, how exciting! You seem so calm!! Wishing you the best of luck and hoping you’ll post pictures of baby cuteness!! Congrats.

  3. So excited for you! I found the second child was a much easier adjustment than the first one! Hope it’s the same for you. We know it may be a while before we hear from you, but enjoy your new journey.

  4. Ah, Katie – all the best wishes for tomorrow!

  5. So excited! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow as your family grows. Happy early birthday little baby.

  6. This is SO exciting, Katie! Praying for you that all goes well.

  7. Best wishes for such a big event in your life and for your family. Wishing the four of you much happiness!

  8. How exciting! What a wonderful way to start your fall!

  9. Best of luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear the stories in a week or two!

  10. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Yeah, Katie! I pray for a smooth delivery without worry. You are in great hands … to become a mom again. Enjoy every new moment together with that sweet, sweet new baby. (I’m imagining that baby smell …) Look forward to pictures and more when you are ready!

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