Tomorrow my entire life will change.  Few events get the great distinction of making our list of life changing, but tomorrow I’m going to become a mother.

I am petrified.  Not just of the labor and delivery but of being given one of the single most important responsibilities one can be given.

I am excited.  Excited to meet this little person who has been growing inside of me for 41 weeks.

I am sad.  Until now it’s just been her and I.  I’m all she’s known and it’s a little hard to think that I have to let her out and share her with the rest of the world.

I am curious.  What will motherhood be like?  Will it be as hard as everyone says?  Will I have a calm baby or a fiery baby?  Will I be able to step back and let my husband do his think without interfering?

Tomorrow my entire life will change and the anticipation is killing me!

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16 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Tomorrow won’t just be her birthday… It’ll be the day you become a mom. The change is huge. It’s hard to know what to expect so take it one day at a time.

    So excited for you!

  2. I love your line about sharing her with the rest of the world. Every morning for many years when my daughter woke up I felt like it was Christmas morning…l am so excited for you. XO

  3. Yes, your world will change and you will know a love like no other. It is scary when you stop to think, so don’t ponder the questions, just enjoy the moments you have. I will be looking forward to meeting this new little person through your slices.

  4. I see that I left basically the same reply this week…as I did last week. It is my old brain kicking in. I’ve been doing lots of reflection about my prior life lately. Good luck with labor and delivery. We will all be thinking about you tomorrow. xo nanc

  5. Yes, it is definitely life changing…for lots of people involved. But the mom bond is incredible. Enjoy it thoroughly. I hate to tell you, but the first 8 weeks you will be sleep deprived most likely. So the ups are accompanied by some downs, too. But 8 weeks is a short time relatively speaking, so don’t despair if you find yourself thinking “why did I do this?” at times. It becomes easier after you adjust to the life change! I’m so excited for you! You will love sharing her with the world, and more importantly sharing the world with her!

  6. mag

    Congratulations and best wishes! Your comment is an understatement. What a beautiful day to arrive!!

  7. My thoughts will be with you, Katie….it truly is the most important adventure of your life, motherhood. I’m sending all good wishes your way.

  8. Jaana

    I wish you a joy filled day tomorrow! Happy birthday to mom a day early!

  9. Happy Mother’s Day! Best wishes to you and your husband. 27 years ago today I became a mom!

  10. Congratulations, Katie. I’m so happy for you. Wishing you the best tomorrow (and on!).

  11. What an exciting slice! Your “tomorrow my entire life will change” enticed me to read your post. Motherhood is the best journey ever! Enjoy every little moment.

  12. Your excitement literally jumps off the page! I bet “she” is getting excited too!

  13. Hooray! Tomorrow is your baby’s birthday! 🙂 Have an excellent and smooth labor. We’ll all be thinking of you tomorrow!

  14. Oh, Katie! You have no idea! I had so many of the same thoughts and fears and delights and worries. But it will be the most amazing day! You will know true, unconditional love. You will be amazed at this little creation that grew and grew and grew inside you – and yes, it’s time to share her with the world! You will be an awesome mother, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Blessings and joy tomorrow, and in the tomorrows to come!

  16. Can’t wait to read your next slice! We will be thinking of you tomorrow! Congratulations!

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