Each Little Breath


I listen


each little


you take.

I wait,

hovered over you,

watching for the

rise and fall

of your chest.

A movement,

a sign.

With each breath

you take

my heart fills

a little more.

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10 thoughts on “Each Little Breath

  1. Precious, both the photo and the expression of love.

  2. My daughter is nine and I still do. I love to watch my sleeping child! Cherish the moments!

  3. Ah, the preciousness of innocence. Enjoy every breath. Let it fill your heart and soul.

  4. So true! I just sat and watched my son for the longest time. So cute!

  5. What a beautiful child! From now on you will always be listening! Be sure this post gets printed and placed in the baby book.

  6. So sweet…so true. Enjoy these moments, Katie!

  7. Katie,
    I’m glad you are writing about this new “topic” in your life. Your poem and photo make me smile.
    Thank you.

  8. What a sweet poem filled with lovely images.

  9. I remember doing this with my middle son. There had been some concern about his breathing in the hospital, and it was enough to make me nervous. I think I checked on him for months. I remember going into his room, and if I couldn’t see his chest rising, placing my hand on him to feel his breathing. Of course, there is something incredibly peaceful about a sleeping baby. You capture that so well in your poem.

    Love these lines:
    watching the rise and fall
    my heart fills a little more


  10. What precious memories you are collecting. Watching them sleep is magical.

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